The European Partnership on Metrology (EPM) is intended primarily to finance national metrology institutes (NMIs) and designated laboratories (DIs) of countries that have made their commitment to the European Commission.


The 23 countries that have given their commitment to the European Commission are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Turkey.

The UK, Serbia and Greece are exploring the possibility of participating in the EPM.

Any other laboratory, public or private organization can also be financed, 35% of the EPM budget being devoted to external partners outside NMI/DI, whatever the country, subject to the eligibility criteria to be verified.

The main themes of the EPM:

  • Ecological transition
  • Digital transition
  • Health
  • Industry Support
  • Fundamental metrology (to prepare for the future)
  • SI and infrastructure (International System of Units)
  • Support for standardization and regulation
  • R&D supporting emerging countries in metrology

Participation of the RNMF in the EPM

Since the start of the EPM adventure (2021 to date - 2023), France has been very present:


projects out of the 73 funded (RNMF participation: LNE, CNAM, CEA, Observatoire de Paris, CETIAT, LADG, ENSAM, IRSN)


coordinations (LNE, Observatoire de Paris, CNAM, CEA, LADG)

Participation of the RNMF in previous European research programs

  • 14 projects out of the 21 financed under i-MERA+ (2008)
  • 84 projects out of the 119 financed under the EMRP (2009-2013)
  • 113 projects out of the 236 financed under EMPIR (2014-2020)

Thus, a total of 211 participations in projects out of the 376 financed project.


Becoming an EPM project evaluator (Referee)

In order to select the best projects to finance, EURAMET organizes each year a selection conference during which independent experts evaluate the submitted proposals.

EURAMET has its own database of referent experts, but it is preferable to complete and increase the number and diversity of referents.

If you wish to be an evaluator (referee), you can register in the following EURAMET database:


Evaluators are paid and receive fees in the same way as evaluators of Horizon Europe projects.


European metrology networks (EMN)

To improve metrology collaborations in Europe, define real strategies and have increased coordination in metrology R&D, EURAMET has initiated the creation of European metrology networks (EMN) on themes of strategic importance for Europe. This initiative, supported by the European Commission (EC), enabled the emergence of the first EMNs, approved by the EURAMET general assembly in 2018.


  • Energy Gases
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Climate, Earth and Ocean observation
  • Smart electricity grids
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Mathematics and statistics


Since then, other EMNs have been added to the list:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Radiation Protection
  • Safe and Sustainable Food
  • Smart Specialization in Northern Europe

The RNMF laboratories are strongly involved in these EMNs, except that concerning Northern Europe, and coordinate some of these networks.