In order to anticipate the depletion of fossil resources (oil, gas, coal) and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, current governments are encouraging the development of biofuels, produced from non-fossil organic materials. The European Directive 2009/28/EC thus promotes the use of biofuels and other renewable energies in transport.


Develop reference materials and methods to ensure conformance of measures for first generation liquid biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel)


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Publications and communications

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  • BAM (DE),
  • PTB (DE),
  • DFM (DK),
  • VSL (NL),
  • INRIM (IT),
  • SP (SW),
  • NPL (GB),
  • LGC (GB),
  • TÜBITAK (Turq.),
  • JRC-IRMM (UE),
  • NEL (GB),
  • Université de Rostock (DE),