The electrical grid is currently undergoing profound changes throughout the world. Indeed, the current supply networks, which are centralised and incorporate a large share of fossil fuel power plants, must migrate towards an increased integration of renewable energy sources (RES). The energy landscape is therefore evolving towards diversified and decentralised production.


The general objective of the European project is the development of a metrological infrastructure, so as to successfully implement a smart electrical grid in Europe

The objective of the associated RNMF project is the realization of a reference PMU that can be used for on-site measurements and laboratory tests


Find here the detailled description of the project:

Metrology for smart electrical grids

Publications and communications

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JRP-ENG04 partners:

  • VSL (Netherlands),
  • INM (Romania),
  • CEM (Spain),
  • CMI (Czech Republic), METAS (Switzerland),
  • FFII (Spain), INRIM (Italy), LNE (France),
  • MIKES (Finland),
  • NPL (United-Kingdom),
  • PTB (Germany),
  • SIQ (Slovenia),
  • SMD (Belgium),
  • SMU (Slovakia),
  • SP (Sweden),
  • Trescal (Denmark),
  • TUBITAK (Turkey),
  • EFZN, 
  • UBS (Germany),
  • EIM (Greece)

LNE Partners :

  • Elspec (PMU manufacturer),
  • EDF (Renardières research center)