Solid-state emitter-based lighting (LED type) is considered to be twice as efficient as that produced by conventional incandescent lamps. The generalisation of their use requires the development of metrological methods and instrumentation in order to characterise their performance in an univocal manner.


Improve the qualification of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting: evaluate colour rendering metrics applied to LED-based lighting

Better qualify LED lighting: develop a basic model for predicting the visual comfort of LED lighting.


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Publications and communications

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  • INRIM (Italy) : hosting a scientist (February-March-April 2012) to work on colour rendering.
  • SMU (Slovakia) : hosting a scientist (August-September-October 2012) to work on visual comfort metrics.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical : use of this company's LEDs and exchange on the results.

JRP-ENG05 partners :

  • VSL (Netherlands),
  • Aalto (Finland),
  • CMI (Czech Republic),
  • CSIC (Spain),
  • EJPD (Switzerland),
  • INRIM (Italy),
  • IPQ (Portugal),
  • LNE (France),
  • MKEH (Hungary),
  • NPL (United Kingdom),
  • PTB (Germany),
  • SMU (Slovakia),
  • SP (Sweden),
  • Trescal (Denmark),
  • CCR (Italy),
  • TU-IL (Germany),
  • UPS (France).