LNE published this peer-reviewed scientific journal between 2005 and 2016, 43 published issues, to communicate on metrology in general and on the metrology activities of national metrology institutes in particular (research, developments, comparisons of national standards, etc.). The Revue française de métrologie is a free publication of 150 scientific articles and a large amount of information on metrology in France.

Presentation of the journal

The Revue française de métrologie was published by the Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais (LNE) between 2005 and 2016, at a rate of 4 issues per year. This scientific journal was intended to disseminate general information on metrology and the results of research or development work undertaken on national references, or standards, and on the means of transfer to industry; work carried out mainly within the French National Metrology Network (RNMF). In addition, the Revue française de métrologie regularly published annual summaries of the research work of the national metrology institutes as well as their scientific publications or the subjects of doctoral theses conducted in the network's laboratories. Before acceptance for publication, scientific articles were read and commented on by at least two members of the Editorial Committee (or reading committee) whose composition has naturally changed over time and the complete list is given below. LNE, under the coordination of the Editor-in-Chief, was responsible for the entire review, editing and distribution work (print and electronic versions).

ISSN : 1772-1792 for the printed version
ISSN : 1776-3215 for the electronic version

Publishing Directors :
Marc MORTUREUX (2005), Jean-Luc LAURENT (2006-2015), Thomas GRENON (2016)

Editor-in-Chief : Françoise LE FRIOUS

Members of the Editorial Committee :

  • Amokrane ALLAOUA
  • Joseph BAIXERAS
  • François BIRABEN
  • Georges BONNIER
  • Bernard CAGNAC
  • Charles CAYRON
  • Maguelonne CHAMBON
  • Philippe CHARLET
  • Thierry COOREVITS
  • Jean-Pierre FANTON
  • Georges FAVRE
  • Pierre GIACOMO
  • Stéphane GILLE
  • Christian GLATTLI
  • Michel GRANVEAUD
  • Bernard HUYART
  • Françoise LE FRIOUS
  • André MOSER
  • Sébastien MERLET
  • Jean-Michel MERMET
  • Jean-Louis MEYZONNETTE
  • Valérie MORAZZANI
  • Abdel-Mjid NOURREDDINE
  • Frédéric OVERNEY
  • Florian PLATEL
  • Jérôme PRIMOT
  • Mauro TESEI