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2.5D printing is between traditional color printing, for the process and its visual quality, and 3D printing, which makes forms and reliefs by ink superposition. Because of its properties, 2.5D printing could allow the realistic reproduction of objects and surfaces, but inks are too glossy. To reduce and control this glossy aspect of inks, we modulate the roughness of the printed layers, at the micro-scale, both in frequency and amplitude. Influence of parameters was measured, and different strategies were suggested to reduce sparkle and to allow the creation of matte colored layers: by constituting a 5D space where gloss and color are modeled, we can make gloss level of colored surfaces uniform.Several case studies form the Conservation of Cultural Heritage were considered, where 2.5D printing could help the curator, the conservator or the archivist. We studied in particular the issues of the the gap filling on an archaeological object, the realistic reproduction of surfaces, and the creation of matte objects for readability..

PhD thesis

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TEL : 2018CNAM1204


Key words

Gloss reduction, 2.5D color printing, Optimising the matte color, Visual appearance measurement, Micro-Scale roughness, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Matte, Relief Printing, BRDF.

PhD abstract

Gloss is a visual appearance attribute. It is a construction from the visual system built on the optical signal from a surface and sensed by the eye. Recent developments in fundamental spectrophotometry lead to instruments able to measure luminous reflection with an acuity equal to the visual system in terms of angular resolution and dynamic. A cross-discipline description between optics and vision is now possible on a same set of samples. In this work, we build through sol-gel process a metrological gloss scale. It is multivariate in terms of surface topology, refractive indices, hue and gloss levels. This scale is then characterized in roughness, specular gloss and BRDF. We expose the measurement techniques and corrections used on our goniospectrophotomer ConDOR. This instrument is dedicated to high resolution measurement of specular peaks. By the end of this study, Condor has reached an angular resolution of 0.014°, the smaller achieved until now, twice better than the human visual system acuity. The dynamic range extends over 6.5 decades. ConDOR is used to measure BRDF of several glossy samples from different scales. These measurements are studied and discussed. A first link between roughness and BRDF is drawn.Using a reference gloss scale, we finally study two aspects of gloss perception: both effects of a change in the solid angle of illumination and in the observation environment realism. Our results indicate that the visual system is more sensitive to gloss variations under realistic conditions as well in lighting as in environment. This effect is particularly noticeable on matt samples. Lesser realistic or lesser natural conditions could lead observers to confusion.

PhD thesis

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TEL : 2017CNAM1133

Key words

Gloss, BRDF, Psychometric scales, Sol-Gel, Goniospectrophotometry, ConDOR.


We report on a widely tunable continuous-wave single-frequency pump-resonant signal-resonant optical parametric oscillator (PRSRO) delivering 20 mW to 50 mW of idler power spanning an octave bandwidth in the mid-infrared (1.7 µm–3.5 µm). This PRSRO is pumped by a continuous-wave Ti:Al2O3 single-frequency and tunable laser delivering 760 mW around 795 nm, and thanks to the pump enhancement a threshold as low as 110 mW is achieved. This nonlinear laser source which is widely tunable in the mid-IR spectral range is part of the radiometric laser chain project aimed at the calibration of the spectral responsivity of photo-detectors in the UV-IR range by spectral irradiance measurement via a cryogenic radiometer. This widely tunable source is also suited to high-resolution molecular spectroscopy in the mid-infrared range.

Key words

nonlinear optics
optical parametric oscillator
parametric interactions
tunable laser


This article describes a new technique to interrogate photonic biosensors for applications in the field of health. The first part presents a type of photonic biosensors: a planar, cyclic microresonator in polymer, shaped racetrack, coupled vertically to a straight waveguide used as input and output for the light. In order, to be adapted for biological applications, the sensor is inserted into an optofluidique cell and its surface is functionalized. The second part of the article describes the phase sensitive optical low coherence interferometer of LNE, proposed as a new interrogation technique of this type of biosensors. Originally developed to characterize, from a metrological point of view, fibre’s components used in the field of telecommunications, this Michelson interferometer with a broadband source has been adapted to such applications. Preliminary results in a biological domain highlight the relevance of this technique and of these microresonators for applications in the field of health.

Key words

optical metrology
biophotonic sensor


New “large area” trap detectors based on silicon photodiodes of (18 × 18) mm2 have been characterized to be used as standards for measuring the spectral responsivity of detectors. The study of these detectors was carried out on the experimental set-up of the laboratory based on a monochromator and sources of continuous spectral radiation. This article describes the developed trap detectors, details the method of measuring their relative spectral responsivity and presents the method used to change the relative spectral responsivity into the absolute spectral responsivity.

Key words

trap detector
spectral responsivity


The standard NF X 10-702-1 (Determination of the opacity of the fumes in an atmosphere without air renewal) describes a fire test method of materials exposed to irradiance of a furnace, by quantifying the smoke production from material in predefined irradiance exposure conditions. The standard defines the test apparatus and the operations to be carried out in order to ensure the metrological control of test apparatus. In particular, the 2.5 W·cm-2 irradiance, which a sample is exposed to during a test, must be adjusted using a radiometer. This radiometer is calibrated against a reference calorimeter according to this standard. The aim of this paper is to describe this calibration uncertainty evaluation. It includes the following steps: evaluation of the associated uncertainty of the reference calorimeter, modelling of the calibration regression and determination of the uncertainties on the irradiance for a given output tension of the radiometer. This work allowed to globally improve the quality of calibrations, through the quantification and control of uncertainties, and by supplying complementary data enlarging the calibration range.

Key words



By the scanning beam method a large monochromatic and uniform synthetic beam is obtained from the juxtaposition of a same beam at several places close together. Such an irradiance cannot be obtained by a single beam. We report here a improvement of a setup for irradiance responsivity calibration of detector. The special feature of this work is the use of an incoherent monochromatic beam with a non gaussian profile. The method has been qualified by a numerical simulation of the measurement process then validated by comparing the results with a classical method. This setup has been implemented for the irradiance responsivity measurement of a thermopile. Then, despite of the 10% local variation, its responsivity has been measured at 0.35% uncertainty level. The value agrees the previous measurements with an other method of this thermopile over 20 years. Furthermore it shows an uncertainty which is half the previous one. We plan to extend this method to other instruments such as mosaic photometer because of its ability to take into account large local responsivity variations.

Key words

optical metrology
optical radiation
scanning beam

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