The Sixth Community Environment Action Programme, adopted by Decision No 1600/2002/EC of the European Parliament, established the need to reduce pollution to levels that minimise harmful effects on human health. One of the levers for achieving the air quality objectives set by the EU is to act on emissions linked to transport (air, sea and road).


To develop primary measurement methods for the analysis of platinum group elements (PGE) emanating from the release of catalytic exhaust pipe particles


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Publications and communications

LABARRAQUE G., OSTER C., FISICARO P., MEYER C., VOGL J., NOORDMANN J., RIENITZ O., RICCOBONO F. and DONET S., “Reference measurement procedures for the quantification of platinum group elements (PGEs) from automotive exhaust emissions”, International journal of environmental analytical chemistry, 95, 9, 2015, 777-789, DOI: 10.1080/03067319.2015.1058931.


  • PTB (All.),
  • BAM (All.),
  • JRC (EC)