The European project, coordinated by the SFI-Davos (Switzerland), aims to develop methods for measuring direct, diffuse and global solar spectral irradiance between 290 nm and 400 nm with an uncertainty of 1% to 2% and new instruments for rapid measurement of spectral irradiance (UV to TF spectroradiometers) to take into account rapid variations in atmospheric conditions (measurement duration less than 10 s and repetition time less than 1 min).


Improved measurements of UV radiation from the solar spectrum reaching the ground

Estimation of uncertainties of matrix spectroradiometers

Development of a photodiode array spectroradiometer optimized for spectrum measurement between 290 nm and 400 nm and with minimization of stray light


Find here the detailled description of the project:

Publications and communications

DUBARD J. et  ETIENNE R., “Monte Carlo uncertainty evaluation of UV solar spectral irradiance measurements using array spectroradiometer”, 7th Workshop on Ultraviolet radiation measurements (UVNET), Davos, Suisse, 27-28 août 2013.

DUBARD J., VALIN T., ETIENNE R. et EBRARD G., “EMRP-ENV03: Traceability for surface  spectral solar ultraviolet radiation”, 16e Congrès International de Métrologie, Paris, France, 7-10 octobre 2013, DOI: 10.1051/METROLOGY/201318001.


JRP-ENV03 partners:

  • SFI Davos (Switzerland),
  • EJPD/METAS (Switzerland),
  • PTB (Germany),
  • VSL (Netherlands),
  • CMI (Czech Republic),
  • LNE (France),
  • INRIM (Italy),
  • Aalto (Finland),
  • CMS (Austria),
  • Kipp&Zonen (Netherlands),
  • IMU (Austria).