The TEOM-FDMS (Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance with Filter Dynamics Measurement Systems) is a common measuring instrument employed by the French air quality monitoring network.This instrument is currently calibrated with calibration weights traceable to SI but having values and masses differences between each of them which are not representative of real atmospheric particle mass measurements. Moreover, these calibration weights do not allow detecting any technical problem of the TEOM-FDMS sampling system upstream the mass measurement and of the intrinsic TEOM-FDMS filtration system. In this way, a calibration method was developed using a portable particle generator system producing known and stable particle mass concentrations over time. In this paper, we present the characterization of this portable generation system in terms of reference range of particle masses, its coupling with four different TEOM-FDMS and the global comparison between the defined reference range of particle masses and the averaged weighed and measured masses obtained with each TEOM-FDMS implicated in this study.

Key words

mass concentration
particulate mass