PhD abstract

In France, the references associated to the neutron fluence and the deriva-ted dosimetric quantities are under the responsability of the micro-irradiation and neutronmetrology and dosimetry laboratory (LMDN)of IRSN. In order to improve the definition ofreferences in fluence and energy of the monoenergetic neutron fields, produced at AMANDEfacility, a micro-TPC gaseous detector, called LNE-IRSN-MIMAC, is developping in collabo-ration with LPSC.In a previous work, the detector was qualified for neutron fields in the energy rangebetween 27 keV and 565 keV. The objective of the present work is to extend the range of theμTPC above 1 MeV. The choice of the gas, the development of an analysis method and thedetector characterization allowed to validate the detector capacity to perform measurements inmonoenergetic neutron fields ranging from 250 keV up to 6,5 MeV with a relative uncertaintyof 3% and 2,5% respectively in energy and fluence.

Key words

elastic scattering, time projection chamber, neutron spectrometer, primary standard

PhD thesis