For the last four years, the LNE-LNHB/LMD has been developing methods and material to measure the X-ray spectra of its X-ray tubes used to perform primary standards and transfers in medical or industrial fields. Two different measuring devices have been built. They include the possibility to use three different semiconductor detectors (Si-PIN, GeHP, CdTe) equipped with tungsten collimators with small apertures. Two rotation and translation stages were included to these benches for an automatic and precise alignment of the couple detector/collimator on the beam axis. Correction methods were developed for each detector, to take into account all the detection artefacts taking place into the semi-conductor crystal. They were included in specific spectrum correction programs. Characterization of 28 LNE-LNHB/LMD reference beams was carried out. It allows testing and validating all the different algorithms of spectrum correction developed at the laboratory. These results were compared to the calculated spectra obtained with the XCOMP5r and SpekCalc V1.0 software.

Key words

x-ray tube
gehp detector
cdte detector
si-pin detector
x-ray dosimetry