We present our experimental set-up and discuss the results obtained within the framework of the ANR-TRIMET project which aim was the closure of the quantum metrological triangle (QMT) at a relative uncertainty level of 1 part in 106. This experiment consists in achieving Ohm’s law with the three effects used and investigated in quantum electrical metrology: Josephson effect (JE), quantum Hall effect (QHE) and single electron tunnelling effect (SET). The aim is to check the consistency of the phenomenological constants KJ, RK and QX associated with these effects and theoretically expressed with the fundamental constants e and h (elementary charge and Planck constant, respectively). Such an experiment is a contribution for a new definition of the International System of Units (SI). Also, the obtained results are a first step towards a determination of e.

Key words

quantum electrical metrology
fundamental constant
tunneling effect
single electron device