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Metrology for ocean salinity and acidity

By absorbing nearly a third of CO2, the oceans play a crucial role in controlling the climate of our planet. However, the accumulation of CO2 in the oceans leads to a decrease in the pH of seawater, a phenomenon known as "ocean acidification".

Metrology for high-impact greenhouse gases

The term "greenhouse gas" (GHG) includes various gases naturally present in the atmosphere (CO2, CH4, N2O, O3) or resulting from human activity (CO2, CH4, CF4, SF6,...) and which have in common to absorb solar radiation re-emitted by the Earth's surface, thus contributing to global warming.

Traceability for surface spectral solar ultraviolet radiation

The European project, coordinated by the SFI-Davos (Switzerland), aims to develop methods for measuring direct, diffuse and global solar spectral irradiance between 290 nm and 400 nm with an uncertainty of 1% to 2% and new instruments for rapid measurement of spectral irradiance (UV to TF spectroradiometers) to take into account rapid variations in atmospheric conditions (measurement duration less than 10 s and repetition time less than 1 min).