8 projects
Angle Metrology (SIB58 Angles)

This project aims to meet current and emerging needs in the field of angle measurement (new, more accurate angle encoders, alignment of scientific equipment in particle accelerators, in situ calibrations with increasingly low uncertainties, etc.).

Quantum engineered states for optical clocks and atomic sensors (QESOCAS)

The stability of atomic clocks operating in the optical domain is currently limited by two factors: the frequency noise of the laser used to probe the atomic system and the quantum projection noise, which intervenes when the state of this system is detected. This European QESOCAS project addresses these factors that limit uncertainties at the 10-18 level. These studies could have an impact on most clock applications and open the possibility of new applications.

Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids

The electrical grid is currently undergoing profound changes throughout the world. Indeed, the current supply networks, which are centralised and incorporate a large share of fossil fuel power plants, must migrate towards an increased integration of renewable energy sources (RES).

Metrology for energy harvesting

Ce projet européen aborde un des grands défis qu’est l'énergie de demain en visant le développement de nouvelles technologies, de nouveaux équipements et les moyens de mesures métrologiques appropriés pour exploiter de nouvelles sources d'énergie. Il aborde spécifiquement la métrologie pour les technologies de récupération d'énergie.